Quick Guide to Hide WiFi Name of Amped Range Extender


Securing the WiFi network has been one of the major concerns in this era of hackers. But, if you are an owner of an Amped wireless range extender, you need not worry about the same. Wondering why? Well, Amped extenders facilitate their users to secure the WiFi network by hiding the WiFi name. Yes, you read it right. You can hide the WiFi name (SSID) of your Amped extender. All you have to do is follow the instructions mentioned in this post. Stick to reading.

How to Hide WiFi Name of Amped Extender?

To hide the WiFi name of your extender, you have to reach the Amped wireless extender setup wizard. Following the below-mentioned steps will make you aware of the know-how of the process:

  • Load a Web Browser

Start with loading an internet browser on your computer. You are free to pick a web browser that you find convenient to use. But, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind while selecting a web browser in order to hide your Amped extender’s SSID.

  1. Firstly, the internet browser must not be operating on an outdated software version.
  2. Secondly, there should be no cache and cookies accumulated on the web browser you are using.

Once the web browser fulfilling the aforementioned criteria is selected, give a shot to the next step.

  • Access the Amped Login Window

Now, move the cursor to the URL field of the internet browser. We are emphasizing the URL field because it has been noticed that some users are unable to access the login page of their WiFi extender due to the use of the search browser. Thus, make sure that you are not one of them.

Enter the default web address of your Amped range extender into the URL field and hit Enter to get redirected to the Amped login window. For your information, the default web address to access the Amped login page is http://setup.ampedwireless.com and you need to enter it very carefully.

  • Enter the Admin Details

The next step in line to hide the WiFi name of the Amped extender is to enter the extender’s admin details. The admin details are the username and password you assigned to your Amped device during the setup process.

So, type the extender’s admin details into their respective fields. Re-check the login credentials. Once you’re sure that there is no typo in the login details entree, click the Login button.

  • Disable SSID Broadcast

Clicking the Login button will open the Amped wireless extender dashboard for you. Here, you need to navigate to the Extended Wireless Settings option and click it. A new window will appear.

Locate the Broadcast SSID option and select the Disable button. Lastly, save the changes you’ve made.

That’s it! The WiFi name of your Amped extender is now hidden. It means no unauthorized user will be able to locate and leech your Amped extender’s network. However, if you come across any hurdle amidst the process, the troubleshooting techniques discussed in the next section will help you out.

Can’t Hide WiFi Name of Amped Extender?

  • Connect Your WiFi Devices Properly

To successfully hide the WiFi name of your Amped extender, you need to maintain a stable connection between your WiFi devices (extender and router) throughout the process. Else, you won’t even be able to reach the Amped wireless login page successfully. If you’ve used a wireless source, keep your Amped extender within the boundary line of the router’s WiFi signals. In case an Ethernet cable is used to connect your devices, then be sure about its damage-free status.

  • Check for Viruses on Your PC

Everyone else is aware of the havoc caused by a virus on any device. Perhaps, the PC you are using to hide the WiFi name of your Amped range extender is infected with viruses. Therefore, consider checking for their presence. It can be done either with the help of the built-in software on the PC or using a third-party antivirus app. In case any infected file is found, delete it immediately.

To Conclude

Hiding the WiFi name of Amped extender is one of the finest steps toward securing its network. It is expected that the guidelines and troubleshooting techniques highlighted in the above sections will be able to help you hide the Amped range extender’s WiFi name.