How to Set up Victony WiFi Extender?

 How to Set up Victony WiFi Extender?

Have you recently purchased a Victony extender for enhancing the signal strength of your current router? If yes, then to make the most of your WiFi device, you first need to configure it.

Many Victony users find the process of setting up their extenders a bit complex. If you are also standing in the same queue, then this how-to article will help you learn all about the VictonyWiFi extender setup. So, without giving your mind a second thought, start following the steps given below and make your Victony extender up and running in a jiffy.

Victony Extender Setup Guide

This is to inform you that a Victony extender can be installed either using the manual method or with the press of a button, i.e. WPS.

Below we are going to jot down steps for both the configuration methods. So, implement the one that seems easy to you or goes well with your needs and requirements.

Set up Victony Extender Manually

You can manually install your Victony extender by accessing its default IP address. For this, however, there are certain steps you need to follow. Here they are:

  • Place your Victony in close proximity to your WiFi router. However, make sure not to place both devices extremely close to each other.

  • Get hold of the power adapter of your Victony and plug the same into a wall outlet near your home WiFi router.

  • Press the power button and let the device’s power LED turn on.

  • Next, make use of an Ethernet cable and connect your devices using it. For this, insert one end of the cable to the port of your router and another end to the port of your Victony extender.

  • You then need to get access to your PC and open a web browser on it.

  • Users can, although, launch any web browser of their choice; it is recommended to use the one that is updated with the latest software version.

  • Type the default IP address of your Victony to access the Victony login page.

  • Once there, enter the default admin login details into the fields prompted and proceed further by clicking OK.

  • The dashboard of your Victony displays.

  • Reaching here, follow the instructions revealed on-screen, and complete the Victony setup process.

If the method above has not brought you success when it comes to making the device operational, check the next section and learn all about how to install a Victony range extender using WPS.

Set up Victony Extender via WPS

You can put this method into practice only if your router is WPS supported. Else, you need to stick with the manual method only.

Those who have WPS routers available at their homes can give the below-listed steps a shot:

  • Power up both your home WiFi router and Victony extender.

  • Locate the WPS button on both devices and press them one by one.

  • In a while, you will find that your Victony extender has got synced with the home router.

Just in case, things are not getting you luck, check the VictonyWiFi extender troubleshooting tips given below and complete the installation process of your device in a hassle-free manner.

Fix Victony Extender Setup Issues

  • Ensure to keep your extender away from the reach of things causing WiFi interference. For instance, you need to place your Victony far from Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens, baby monitors, fish tanks, treadmills, cellular phones, etc.

  • Have a check on the Ethernet cable you have used to connect your Victony and router. It must not have any cuts.

  • The cable connecting your devices should be installed properly and need to be finger-tight.

  • Make sure to use the right IP address for accessing the login page of your Victony extender. Also, be certain that there are no typing errors.

  • If you are not sure of the default login details of your Victony extender, check the manual that was in the box of your Victony.

  • The electric outlet used by you for installing the extender’s power adapter must be giving sufficient and fluctuation-free power.

That’s all about how to set up a Victony WiFi range extender. You can stay tuned with us for learning more about Victony extenders. By that time, see ya!