Fix Wavlink Extender Login Page Not Working Issue

Fix Wavlink Extender Login Page Not Working Issue

By completing the login process, owners of Wavlink extenders can access their devices' settings. But what if the problem is caused by the login procedure itself? Many Wavlink extender users have complained that their devices' dashboards are inaccessible to them because the Wavlink login page won't load issue. Look no further than the instructions provided in this post if you find yourself in a similar position and seeking a solution to get over this obstacle.

Below, we've included every hack that might be used to enable users to successfully log in and view their extender's settings. Check the steps below to determine which one helps you log in to your extender.

Fixed: Wavlink Extender Login Page Not Working

  1. Reboot Your Extender

A technical issue can prevent you from reaching your Wavlink extender's login page. If so, restarting the extender fortunately can fix several issues.

Therefore, after disconnecting your Wavlink extender from the router, we advise that you turn off the power button on the device. Remove the power cable, then plug it back into the socket after some time has passed. Activate the power switch by pressing it. Try accessing the Wavlink setup wizard by doing login and see whether it now opens for you after connecting your devices.

  1. Check the Web Address

If the web address used to visit the Wavlink login page is incorrectly entered, then the extender login problem can surely drive you crazy.

Therefore, be sure you are utilizing the correct web address to complete your task. If the web address is entered wrongly, correct your error by typing the correct web address into your browser's address field. Additionally, be careful not to make any typing errors when entering the information. Otherwise, you won't be able to access the Wavlink login page and will get stuck with an error message.

  1. Update Your Web Browser

The use of an outdated web browser is another factor that could prevent you from logging in to your Wavlink extender. This is to let you know that the default web address will not function properly if you are using an out-of-date web browser.

Therefore, upgrade your web browser right now. You can switch to another browser if you have access to one that has recently been updated. No matter which web browser you use, it must not be cluttered with cookies and cache.

  1. Check Your Extender’s Location

Is your Wavlink extender situated within your router's coverage area? No? So you've discovered one more reason for the not working issue of your Wavlink extender login page.

It is advised that you put your WiFi extender in the center of your house in addition to keeping it within the range of its router. In addition, make sure the extender is placed in an open area away from devices that could interfere with WiFi, such as Bluetooth speakers, microwaves, walkie-talkies, baby monitors, fish tanks, reflective surfaces, aluminum studs, etc.

  1. Look at the Connection between Devices

It is important to inspect and make sure that the Ethernet cable being used is not damaged in any way before using it to connect your Wavlink extender and router.

Get a new cable installed if you see any cuts in the old one. You can connect your devices via a wireless source just in case you don't currently have access to another cable.

Wrap Up

These are all the methods that can assist you in accessing your device's settings and resolving the Wavlink extender login page not working issue. Consider reverting your extender to factory settings and doing the Wavlink WiFi extender setup again if you are still unable to address the issue.