Comfast Extender Not Detecting Router? Let’s Fix It!

Is your Comfast extender unable to detect the router? Well, that’s unfortunate! But, the good news is that you have landed on this post. Here, we have summed up various troubleshooting techniques that will help you fix the problem like a pro. Thus, without waiting, read on.

Fixed – Comfast Extender Not Detecting Router

If your Comfast extender can’t detect the router, then it can also result in the Comfastlogin not working issue. So, before you find yourself in a no-win situation, take the help of the following troubleshooting techniques:

Tip 1: Reboot Your Comfast Extender

The very first troubleshooting technique that needs to be given a shot in order to fix the Comfast extender not detecting router issue is to reboot the extender. It will help the extender to do away with technical glitches (if it is struggling with any). So, without giving a second thought, reboot your WiFi device. Here’s how you can go about the reboot process:

  • Power off your Comfast range extender.
  • Remove it from the wall socket to which it is connected.
  • Wait for some time.
  • Connect the extender back to its power outlet.
  • Power on your Comfast extender.

Now, see whether your Comfast extender detects the router or not. If not, then fret not. This troubleshooting guide has more tips on the list.

Tip 2: Verify the Ethernet Cable

Your Comfast WiFi extender might also fail to detect the router if the Ethernet cable connecting both devices is not working fine. Therefore, check if what we are stating is true or not. If it is, then you are advised to replace the Ethernet cable with a new one. Know that a damaged Ethernet cable will only bring issues to your table.

Additionally, make sure that the Ethernet cable you’ve used perfectly fits the Ethernet ports of your WiFi devices. Now, try to access the Comfast WiFi extender setup wizard and see if the issue has bid farewell or not.

Tip 3: Pull Your WiFi Devices Closer

How much is the distance separating your Comfast wireless extender and the main router? Is it exceeding the limit of the distance up to which your router transmits WiFi signals? If yes, then the time to re-unite them has come. Therefore, consider bringing them a little closer.

But, keep in mind that you are not allowed to place them neck to neck. Otherwise, you will soon witness more extender-related issues due to a clash of their WiFi signals.

Tip 4: Remove WiFi Interference

WiFi interference is another possible cause that does not allow the extender to detect the router. Do you know why? Because the WiFi signals of your devices are either interrupted or diverted due to some factors. These factors do not allow the complete propagation of WiFi signals.

Some of the factors creating WiFi interference are televisions, cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, aquariums, mirrors, glasses, lenses, metal doors, aluminum studs, refrigerators, treadmills, etc. Thus, your Comfast extender should not share its location with these things. Apart from this, place it in the central location of the establishment instead of a corner.

Tip 5: Reset the Extender

If your Comfast WiFi range extender is still not detecting the host router, then there is a high possibility that your extender is improperly configured. Therefore, you have to set up the Comfast range extender properly. However, before that go for the factory default reset process.

For this, you need to check all sides of the extender and find the Reset button. Press it after you find it. Within a few moments, your extender will get restored to the factory default mode. Now, install the extender again.

Final Words

With all things considered, we can say that a lot of factors are responsible for creating the Comfast WiFi extender not detecting router issue. Anticipating that the tips shared above will help you fix it easily. However, after that, consider doing Comfas firmware update to avoid facing such issues in the future. Thanks for reading the post.