Instructional Guide to Setup Guest Network on Amped Extender

 Instructional Guide to Setup Guest Network on Amped Extender

Setting up a guest network on the Amped wireless range extender provides you with a lot of benefits. It not only allows you to keep your extender’s main WiFi password disclosed but also improves the WiFi speed by keeping major traffic at bay from the main WiFi network. And, yes, it also makes you look hospitable in front of your guests as you don’t need to break ties with your neighbor or a friend because you denied revealing the main WiFi password. So, whether it is about the security of the WiFi range extender network or improving its speed, configuring the guest network is a win-win situation.

However, it has been noticed that users are unable to setup the guest network on their extenders via Are you also one of those users? If yes, then this post is what you need to read. Walk through the guidelines discussed below and learn how to configure a guest network on your Amped extender.

How to Setup Amped Extender Guest Network

  • Lay the foundation for setting up the Amped guest network by supplying power to your range extender. For that, you need to plug your device into a wall socket and push the Power button. Within a few moments, the lights on your extender will start glowing.

  • Now, get your hands on a network cable. Use this network cable to build a connection between your Amped extender and the host router. However, take care of the fact that the connection must be firm.

  • Done connecting your WiFi devices? It is time to load an internet browser. So, do the same after switching on your computer or laptop. You have a variety of options available for selecting the web browser. Examples, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc. You can select whatever suits you the best.

  • Thereafter, type the default Amped extender web address into the URL field and hit Enter. Pay attention, when we say the address bar, it means that you are not allowed to key in the web address into any other location.

  • The login page of your Amped device will show up. Here, enter the username and passphrase you have set for your device into their designated locations. Once done, click Login to get redirected to the Amped wireless extender setup wizard.

  • After reaching there, select the Extended WiFi Settings option of the frequency band for which you want to set up the guest WiFi network. Thereafter, select Enable and complete the requirements appearing on the screen.

This completes our discussion on how to setup a guest network on an Amped extender. Just in case the success isn’t yours, then the chances are that you’ve committed some mistakes during the process. Take the help of the next section to mend the mistake you might have committed.

Fix Can’t Setup Amped Guest Network

  • See to it whether the extender is powered up using a non-damaged power outlet or not. If not, then know that your extender might be receiving an insufficient power supply In that case, you are required to change the wall socket or get the current one repaired.

  • You might be unable to setup a guest network due to a weak connection between your Amped range extender and the main router. It is because the extender gets the internet from the router and the strength of the extender-router connection greatly impacts the internet connection. Thus, you are suggested to establish a stable connection between your devices. In the case of the wired connection, the cable used must be damage-free, whereas the distance has a huge role to play in the case of a wireless source.

  • The web browser you are using to setup guest network must be updated. If it’s outdated then there are chances that you might even fail to access the extender’s dashboard. So, no matter which web browser you are using to get the job done, it should not be outdated.

  • The Amped wireless extender login details need to be entered with utmost care. Know that they are case-sensitive and you can’t capitalize letters according to your will.

With that, we have reached the end of the post regarding the Amped guest network setup. Signing off with the hope that the guidelines and troubleshooting tips shared above will help you create a guest network with ease.