How to Boost WiFi Performance of Victony Repeater?

 How to Boost WiFi Performance of Victony Repeater?

Victony WiFi range extenders are the best in the market. You don’t have to worry about internet fluctuations after installing a Victony WiFi extender. But, with usage, you might experience a lag in speed and connection. It happens when your device stays online for a longer duration without a pause. So, in that case, you might think about ways to boost the WiFi performance of your Victony repeater.

If that is the case, you should get this post. The tips mentioned below will help you get the most out of your range extender. Hence, you don’t have to buy a new device. Rather, you can make a few modifications to the current device and its settings. Perhaps, you might need access to the Victony WiFi extender setup wizard. Read on.

Modification to Boost WiFi Performance

Relocate the Device

To boost the WiFi performance of your range extender, you should change the repeater placement. We would encourage you to choose the central location in your house for that. It offers maximum area coverage within the house.

Moreover, you need to avoid a few things during Victony WiFi extender placement. For instance, heavy electronic gadgets can hamper the transmission of WiFi signals. Also, avoid placing it near open windows. It will lead to the loss of WiFi signals out of your house.

Recheck Cable Connections

Without proper internet access to Victony WiFi extender, you can’t expect to have optimum output. Hence, we urge you to check the repeater’s connection to the host router. Therefore, in case you have a cable connection, verify the connection.

The cable should be tightly fitted into the router ports. Furthermore, the Ethernet cable must not be aged or worn out. In case there is any damage, you should change it. Also, the repeater must get a consistent power supply. Thus, check its power cord as well (if used).

Change WiFi Frequency

WiFi frequency is one of the most important elements that you must change to boost WiFi performance. But, to change that, you need to do a Victony WiFi extender login. By default, the range extender frequency is set on 2.4 GHz. Other electronic gadgets also emit the same frequency.

Thus, to avoid clashes, we would suggest that you change your range extender’s frequency to 5 GHz. It offers a better frequency range, speed, and connectivity. Hence, you don’t get worried about WiFi frequency clashes.

Update Firmware

Firmware contains various instructions and directions. These are crucial for Victony range extender performance, working, and efficiency. In case the firmware is outdated, your repeater lacks security patches. Hence, it is open to bugs and other technical glitches that are prominent in the digital world.

Therefore, you will have poor WiFi extender performance. To improve it, you need to update the outdated WiFi range firmware. So, get access to the range extender setup wizard and update the firmware automatically. You can even update firmware manually.

Reboot Range Extender

Is your Victony WiFi range extender online ever since you installed it? Well, in that case, the accumulation of data over your device could lower its performance. Hence, giving rest to your repeater should be your priority. Hence, you must reboot your Victony range extender.

But, don’t just turn it off and on. Follow the right reboot process to get things done perfectly. First, remove all the devices having access to your extender network. After that, turn off the device and unplug it. After some time, replug your range extender.

Remove WiFi Leeches

WiFi leeches are unauthorized devices having access to the Victony WiFi range extender network. Hence, most of your data will get lost instead of reaching you. So, to boost WiFi performance, the best Victony WiFi extender troubleshooting tip is to remove WiFi leeches.

Set a strong WiFi password so that no one can access your open WiFi network. Doing so will restrict unwanted devices from accessing your Victony WiFi range extender network.

Sum Up

As you can see, making small changes can help you boost the WiFi performance of your Victony range extender. Furthermore, you should ensure that the power socket chosen to power the device is working right. Otherwise, your range extender will keep on rebooting and won’t be able to sustain a strong and consistent network.

Also, always keep your device updated. If needed, you should upgrade your current internet package. It will surely improve internet speed and overall extender performance.