How to improve Employee Satisfaction using ESS Portal?

ESS portals have been a staple feature of HR software since the advent of digitalization in HR processes. Empowering the employees with handy tools to check their employment-related information also provides enhanced transparency for the organization and employees. It helps them understand crucial information such as salary bifurcation, leave balance, etc. without having to contact their HR.

Due to the numerous benefits of ESS portals, they have become a common feature of modern payroll software. Let us understand how it helps in improving the employee satisfaction rate of a company.

What is ESS Portal?

Employee self-service portals or ESS portals are systems that enable employees to undertake HR-related tasks. The staff can check vital information such as payslips, annual holidays, attendance information, etc. using their ESS portals. The employee self-service system also helps the staff to send leaves, attendance regularization, transfer, assettransfer, and other requests.

The flexibility to access their employment information whenever needed delivers the employees with added transparency, which is hard to come by in the absence of a dedicated employee self-service portal. ESS portals also ensure easy access to their data, making it easier for the staff to get timely updates via notifications. Modern HRMS even provide common chat rooms to provide the employees with improved engagement opportunities with their teammates. read more Norstrat

Must-have Features of ESS Portals

There are numerous essential features of ESS portals, which make them a crucial component of HRMS platforms. Some of the most vital ones include: Ream More :- sqm club

24/7 Remote Access

Since most HRMS systems are based on the cloud, it makes sense for the ESS portal to have round-the-clock remote accessibility. Having the ease of accessing their information from a handy mobile app makes the user experience more seamless for the user. Similarly, a mobile app can vastly improve the reachability of any update provided by HR.

Role-based Customization

ESS portals are customized based on the user’s designation and their responsibilities in the company. Such customization ensures a personalized experience while successfully abstracting the data from the users. With role-based customization, the organization can provide the managers with access to the required data such as leave balance, while restricting them from accessing non-relevant information such as salary details. 

Intuitive User Interface

An intuitive user interface is a must-have feature for any software. Hence, having an interactive user interface is essential for the ESS portal that would be used by every employee in the organization. Providing the employees with an engaging interface would also result in active usage from the users, ensuring better data-gathering potential.

Timely Notifications

Any company needs to keep their employees in the loop whenever any updates are released. The employees need to be informed about any changes to the company policies. Similarly, they should be informed of any updates such as upcoming events, ceremonies, etc. A dedicated ESS portal, in the form of a mobile app, can fulfil all these requirements, making the ‘notifications’ an essential part of the ESS portal.

Benefits of ESS Portals

There are multiple benefits of providing your employees with a dedicated ESS portal, such as:

Improved Engagement

With the help of an ESS portal, HRs can stay connected with their employees around the clock. They can send important updates to them whenever required. Additionally, the employees can access their essential information from their handy ESS portal whenever they wish, making it an easily accessible resource for the modern ‘always-connected’ employee. All these factors help improve the engagement rate of the organization.

Easier Updates

With a dedicated ESS portal, employees can receive important updates from their manager or HR right into their smartphones. Irrespective of the time or location, the update ensures the staff that HR needs to let them know of the update, enhancing their engagement rate with their company.

Improved Communication

Many ESS portals have a dedicated chat platform, which unifies the employee experience, making it an excellent tool for providing the staff with the feeling of belonging to a ‘family’. Using these interactive chat platforms, the staff can interact with each other, congratulate others on their achievements, as well as help each other stay updated with the latest company news. 

Improving Employee Satisfaction with ESS Portals

ESS portals help in improving the employee satisfaction rate in the company using the following:

Streamlined Technology

The employees in any modern company are required to deal with several software and tools to undertake their daily tasks. Hence, adding an ESS portal to the mix should not increase their burden. A dedicated ESS portal provides the staff with a consolidated tool that provides them with all-in-one access for undertaking their HR-related duties, simplifying the experience.

Empowered Employees

The ESS portal helps the employee undertake their activities by themselves. For example, instead of having to contact their HR for a simple payslip, they can download it right from their ESS portal, simplifying the process. The ESS portal also helps HR avoid repeated employee queries, as the employees are empowered with the required tools and knowledge from the portal.

Easier Processes

With the help of an easier user interface, ESS portals provide the user with easy and quick access to their information with the company. Having easier processes with intuitive user experience enables the employees to make full use of the digital services available at their disposal. Hence, easier processes enable the staff to stay satisfied with their organization.

Increased Transparency

Since the ESS portal provides all relevant information for the employee, it becomes very easy for them to access it from anywhere using their mobile app. Simple queries such as salary bifurcation, leave balance, and annual holidays list, are made accessible to the employee whenever they require without having to disturb their HR department, enhancing the overall transparency of the organization.

Tailored Experience

With the help of a customized ESS portal, the employees can have a better experience. Additionally, customizing the ESS portal would also help in effectively providing information abstraction. For example, a manager would require the attendance and leave information of their teammates, while an employee would be able to view their data only.


A robust ESS portal supports HR in automating common employee queries, providing them with added transparency and enhanced engagement. Hence, it is crucial to deploy an HRMS with a dedicated ESS portal and a companion mobile app to ensure a streamlined experience for the staff. It will provide the staff with an intuitive portal to access their details as well as request different approvals, making it an essential part of their employment.

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