Microsoft Power BI and Data Analytics: A combo to ace your career

Digitalisation has led to the generation of a lot of data, which, if used correctly, can be highly fruitful for businesses. But a detailed analytical study by a well-educated mind is required to understand and categorise these data. So now, if you can organise and analyse data for a company, you are the required Data Analytic in the market.

BI and Data Analytics

Why do companies need Data Analysts?

  • To understand the target audience
  • To get clarity on the goal of the company
  • Understand the requirements of public
  • Change in trends
  • Enhanced decisive power

So, to become a pro at analysis, you require loads of data and efficient handling. For this, the Microsoft Power BI tool can assist you. It is a cloud-based tool which develops efficient reports from enormous amounts of data. In addition, it utilises dataset integration to achieve the function.

Why get Microsoft Power BI certification?

Microsoft Power BI training course teaches the candidates Analysis of servers ability to integrate and report via SQL programming. The knowledge and training from the Power BI course can help in numerous aspects of the data industry. 

Microsoft Power BI makes candidates capable of assessing and transforming data along with its cleansing. The candidates will also hold the potential for data model creation and optimisation of created data models in addition to forming calculated tables and data visualisation. For instance, the Microsoft Power BI certificate holder can visualise data by creating tables to measure employees’ KPIs. 

Companies require significantly trained individuals who can operate dashboard configuration with the ability of data incorporation and publication without error. In addition, Microsoft Power BI certification enables candidates to work on security settings concerning dashboards and generated reports. 

Experienced or knowledgeable people are always preferred over naive candidates. The certification course makes candidates capable of managing hierarchies, cleaning the data to remove noisy and missing values, estimating the information concerning data transactions and creating columns and tables efficiently and accurately. 

The certification proves the will to learn and understand, experience in handling the data and associated tools, and the presence of skills. Also, the certificate makes you a competitive and noticeable candidate who holds the potential to be an efficient business data analyst and is worthy of selection.

Moreover, the Microsoft Power BI certification helps you earn a good amount. If you are currently employed, the certification course will still help you get the promotion or maybe be better offered by competitor companies. 

Want to be certified yourself? 

So, here is the guide to getting a Microsoft Power BI certification course:

The Microsoft Power BI certification can be yours by passing two exams. The first is named Analysing and visualising data with Microsoft Power BI. For this exam, candidates should primarily know how to deal with data by accumulating it from different sources and transforming it into a usable format based on the company's requirements.

To clear this exam, one should also understand the modelling and visualisation of data and the ability to configure dashboards. In addition, the candidate should be able to perform mentioned tasks on the Microsoft Power BI service. 

The second exam is named analysing and visualising data with Microsoft Excel. The certification course will be awarded based on Microsoft Excel skills at this stage. Data analysis capability is assessed through consumption, transformation, visualisation and holding PowerShell training in the Microsoft software. If you can also organise, manage and interpret data in Pivot Tables, Power Pivot and Pivot Charts, cracking the exam will be easy.


Numerous data are generated every day by each company through both primary and secondary research. Efficient and accurate handling of these data can provide essential insights which can upgrade the company’s value. Microsoft Power BI training helps in easy and error-free data analysis for the organisation's benefit. 

However, operating Microsoft Power BI isn’t kid's play. Instead, it requires atleast a certification course to be well-versed and showcase the skills to recruiters. Though the candidate can become Microsoft Power BI certified by cracking out two required exams, the process isn’t easy. One needs training and guidance from experienced people. 

The certification course helps get noticed among many candidates and is recommended in the field of Data Analytics.