Hidden Tactics to Fix Amped Extender Keeps Rebooting Issue

Being an outperforming device doesn’t mean that an Amped extender can’t become a victim of any issue. Many users have reported various Amped extender issues. One such issue that has stolen the peace of users is the Amped extender keeps rebooting issue. Now, you might be wondering if rebooting itself is a solution, then how can it become a problem. To know the answer to this question, read this post where we have summed up reasons along with the Amped extender troubleshooting techniques to do away with the problem troubling you. 

Fix Amped Extender Keeps Rebooting

Fix 1: Check Power Socket

The very first reason why you might be witnessing sudden reboots of your Amped range extender might be an improper supply of power. Well, that can arise if either the wall socket you are using is damaged or there are abrupt power cuts in your area. 

Thus, have a tab on the power socket into which you’ve plugged your Amped wireless device. It should be offering adequate electricity to the Amped device. However, you are advised to use a UPS if the improper power supply is due to power outages.

Fix 2: Relocate the Extender

Your extender needs to be located at an ideal location in order to work well. But, we can feel that your extender is not placed aptly. Is it true? Is it lying in a WiFi interference zone? Are its WiFi signals getting interrupted? If yes, then you’ve just spotted another reason dragging you to the constant reboots of the wireless extender.

To prevent interference of WiFi signals and unexpected extender reboots, consider changing the location of your device. It should not be located anywhere near Bluetooth speakers, metal studs, aluminum doors, televisions, refrigerators, mirrors, aquariums, treadmills, cellular phones, tracking devices, etc. These are the topmost things and surfaces that tend to block the extender’s signals. If possible consider choosing a central location to place the range extender. It will make it possible for the extender to transmit WiFi signals in all directions.

Fix 3: Strengthen Weak Connections

The weak connection between your Amped wireless extender and the main router is another reason why your extender doesn’t seem to stay stable. Therefore, aim to make it steady. But, do you know how? Well, it depends on how you have connected them. It means it varies according to the wired or wireless source.

So, if you are making use of an Ethernet cable, then have a look at it. Did you notice any cuts? Yes? Then, the time to buy a new Ethernet cable has come. In addition, check that the connection is firm. While, if a wireless source is the one holding a connection between your devices, then make sure that they are not separated by too much distance. It will make it impossible for them to propagate signals. But, do not make the distance zero. Else, you will find yourself surrounded by other extender-related problems.

Fix 4: Update the Firmware

Even after knowing that the firmware determines what your extender will do, some users ignore updating it and get stuck with scenarios similar to you. Know that firmware update not only improves the extender’s performance but also increases security. So, without wasting any time, get the firmware of your Amped extender updated. Here’s how:

  • Ensure that the extender is in consistent communication with the main router.

  • Thereafter, access the Amped WiFi extender login window using the default web address.

  • Log in to your device with the help of the credentials assigned to it while setup.

  • Locate the Upgrade Firmware option under the Management tab and click it.

  • Thence, select the Check Now button. 

  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

Fix 5: Reset the Extender

If nothing has worked in your favor till now, then there is a high possibility that you are facing the issue due to an improper setup process. In that scenario, you need to reset your extender. Why? Because it will let you do the installation again.

Thus, without delaying a second, locate and press the Reset button on your Amped wireless range extender. After some time, your Amped device will start running on its default settings. So, access http //setup.ampedwireless.com and install the extender from scratch.

Final Words

That’s all about what to do if your Amped range extender keeps rebooting. Hopefully, the tips we’ve discussed above will help you resolve the issue that was making you go bonkers. If yes, we would like to know your response in the comment section.