Solved Fix Limited WiFi Connectivity with Amped Extender


One fine morning, you wake up and find out that your Amped WiFi extender is showing limited WiFi connectivity. What's that? Well, it means that your Amped wireless range extender is not providing you with reliable internet speeds. In the worst case, the WiFi speed will drop to zero. What to do then? Well, the solution to your question is in this post.

Here, we will shed light on the tested and proven techniques to get rid of the limited WiFi connectivity with your Amped range extender. So, let's get started.

Fixed: Amped Extender Limited WiFi Connectivity

  1. Power Cycle the Extender

Sometimes, all your Amped extender needs is a simple power cycle. Do you know why? To get rid of technical glitches. Know that technical glitches are one of the most prominent reasons leading you to the limited WiFi connectivity issue. Thus, power cycle the WiFi extender as soon as possible.

Power cycling the Amped extender does not require any technical specialty. You only have to give rest to your Amped WiFi extender by turning it off and switching it on back after some time. Now, see whether you are still getting the limited WiFi. If yes, then scroll and read on.

  1. Update Your Amped Extender

Chances are that the firmware of your Amped extender has become outdated due to which you are facing the issue. Therefore, don't wait to get the firmware of your WiFi extender updated

The firmware update can be done by accessing the Amped wireless extender setup wizard. However, you need to download the extender's firmware file first and upload it on the Amped extender dashboard. Well, the firmware update comes with a bonus. It adds new security features to your Amped extender.

  1. Connect WiFi Devices Properly

Another thing that might have led you to the limited WiFi connectivity issue might be an unstable connection between your devices. Thus, make sure that your Amped extender and the host router are connected properly. However, it completely depends on the source of connection you have used to connect them.

If you have used a wired source, then check whether the Ethernet cable is damage-free or not. If not, then get it replaced as soon as possible. Also, ensure that the connection is firm. Just in case you are using a wireless source, then mind the distance between your WiFi devices. FYI, the distance between your Amped device and the host router must neither be too less nor too much

  1. Remove WiFi Interference

You might also face the limited WiFi connectivity issue if there is signal interference present in the room where you have placed your Amped extender. Any object or device that blocks or deviates the extender's WiFi signals can be considered as a signal interference creating factor. Keep in mind that WiFi interference can also halt your access to

Thus, you need to place your extender at a location where minimum or zero WiFi interference is present. FYI, WiFi interference creating factors are mostly electronic devices, metal objects, reflexive surfaces, and objects containing a large amount of water.

  1. Reset the Extender

If you are still running out of luck in resolving the limited WiFi connectivity issue, then the reason might be an improper setup. Thus, you have set up your Amped extender properly. Prior to that, consider resetting your Amped extender.

To restore your Amped extender to the factory default mode, press the Reset button carefully. As soon as the customized settings get erased, perform Amped setup again.

The Conclusion

This was all about what to do to resolve the limited WiFi connectivity issue with your Amped range extender. We hope that the aforementioned tips will help you in getting rid of the issue and you will regain access to the high-speed internet connection again. Thanks for reading the article.