Wireless-N WiFi Repeater Blinking Amber? Here's the Fix!

Wireless-N WiFi repeaters are known to amplify the signals coming from your home router and expand them throughout the home. However, these signals might fail to work for you if the repeater starts blinking amber. Well, if you are already facing the issue, then worry not. The tips mentioned in this post will help you in resolving it. So, let's get going.

Fixed: Wireless-N Repeater Blinking Amber

  1. Perform Web Upgrade

FYI, your Wireless-N repeater runs on a firmware that consists of certain programs. These programs are altered from time to time so that your repeater performs better. Chances are that you didn't update the firmware of your repeater due to which it is blinking amber. Before you get into any other trouble, consider doing a web upgrade via the WiFi repeater login page.

To perform a web upgrade on your Wireless-N WiFi repeater, first of all, download and save the firmware update file. Thereafter, access the login page of your Wireless-N repeater using the default IP address. After logging in to the repeater, look for the Web Upgrade window and upload the firmware file. Wait until the web upgrade process on your repeater gets completed. What happened? Is your Wireless-N repeater still blinking amber? There are a few more troubleshooting hacks left in this post.

  1. Check the Power Supply

Sometimes, an unstable power supply is a major culprit leading you to the amber light issue with your Wireless-N WiFi repeater. There can be two reasons behind the unstable power supply: a damaged power socket or frequent power outages in your area.

Thus, have a look at the wall socket and check if it has any signs of damage. If yes, then get it repaired or use another wall outlet to power up your Wireless-N repeater. Everything fine with the wall socket? Then, power outages might be the reason. Therefore, use a UPS to ensure a steady power supply.

  1. Repeater-Router Connection

Many users forget to maintain a stable connection between their Wireless-N repeater and the host router due to which their repeaters blink amber. Keep in mind that the weak connection between your WiFi devices can also halt your access to the Wireless N WiFi repeater login screen. So, consider stabilizing the connection between your devices.

The condition of the connection between your devices is directly proportional to the distance between them. However, it is suggested not to place them too close as it might result in a clash of their WiFi signals, Just in case you are using an Ethernet cable, then check for physical damages on it. If it has cuts or corroded from any end, discard it and get ready to welcome a new Ethernet cable. Apart from this, ensure that the cable connection is finger-tight.

  1. Avoid WiFi Interference

Have you ever heard about WiFi interference? No? Well, any obstacle in the path of your Wireless-N repeater's WiFi signals can be regarded as WiFi interference. Perhaps, the WiFi signals of your repeater are also struggling to get through leading to the amber light issue. Thus, you need to look for an ideal location for your Wireless-N WiFi repeater.

Just in case you are unaware of the correct guidelines to place your Wireless-N repeater, get through the following points:

  • Ensure that your Wireless-N repeater is not placed in a congested place.

  • Avoid selecting a corner as the location for your repeater.

  • Keep the WiFi repeater away from microwave ovens, televisions, smartwatches, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, etc

  • Metal objects and reflexive surfaces should not be placed near the Wireless-N WiFi repeater.

  • Objects carrying a large amount of water are also omitted.

  1. Reboot the Repeater

When was the last time you rebooted your device after Wireless repeater setup Don't know? Well, this act can also lead you to the issue you are facing. The reason being you have unknowingly invited technical glitches. Thus, reboot your repeater to get rid of the issue.

To reboot the repeater, switch off the power supply, unplug your device, let it rest, re-plug it, and switch on the power supply again. Now, see whether the amber light is still blinking on your WiFi repeater.

The Bottom Line

By going through the tips mentioned above you will be able to fix the amber light issue with your WiFi repeater. On the off chance you fail, reset your WiFi device, and set it up again using the default WiFi repeater login password and username. Thanks for reading the post.