Online vs Traditional Class Which One Is Better For You

Online learning trend boosted in the last two decades but it proved its true value during the pandemic after 2019. The traditional methods and online methods; both are good to an extent as both have their own traits to manage the delivery of knowledge in many ways. It became a peaking trend to support the current scenario and safe the educational support for all levels.

Online learning is not the next BIG THING, it is indeed NOW BIG THING!

The historical support of facts justifies that traditional methods of class teaching are successful because it exists for centuries. But online is a modern trend that has tackled a huge number of concerns that were hurdles to learning in traditional methods. Both are good and both have same loopholes at the same time.

What is the traditional class?

Everybody knows what a traditional class is, it has books and notebooks. It has a teacher to teach, it has some students to be taught, it has a physical link, it has communication with high eye contact, and all in all, it is an on-ground class that may let the learning happen quickly (International Journal of Arts and Humanities, 2018).

Traditional class is promising in learning the discipline and decorum!

What is an online class?

The modern age trend shifted the traditional methods to online platforms. It has a teacher, it has some students, it has no physical link, it has communication, it has e-books, and all in all, it is an online class that may let the learning happen not by physical link. It is not touchable, one may see it and feel it to develop an understanding.

Online education is a rising tide that is lifting most of the boats!

Online vs Traditional Class – which is best?

Are you comfortable with the online educational support trends during a pandemic or want to switch back to a traditional class? Which one is good for you? Which helped you learn more and which one did the best in your opinion? Everybody has different experience in his regard.

Let us have a review of some of the points to weigh the pros and cons of the online and traditional class plans. Almost 1 out of 4 students like online classes, which means that 3 students are liking the traditional ones at most.

Social interactions

Online classes work through non-physical coordination, they have an online connection so one may not touch each other. The online is simple by modifying a video or audio coordination on Zoom, Whatsapp or any other app. On the other hand, the social linkage is more in the traditional classes, they may enjoy better physical coordination by eye contact and communication. Social coordination and linkage are influential in traditional teaching as compared to the online one.

The memorable thing about the traditional classes is FRIENDS!

Regular classes

Regular classes help to maintain the learning process in proper shape and form. To maintain regularity, it is a good idea to prefer online classes. In this manner, the students may learn more and see the promising growth of the sequential study. The traditional classes may give break in the regularity as you can fail to reach the class due to illness, convince issue or any other hurdle. But the online class is through any handy device so you are not going to skip it.

Go for online schedules, if you want it on regular basis!

Physical support

Physical space is needed when you are on a traditional plan while on the other hand, the online plan does not demand more than a handy device and a good internet connection. So it is a good idea to be online if you intend less for the physical support. The time will be saved and you are going to enjoy better output in the end with the support of quick approaches. Online lectures recordings can help with dissertationlater.

It just needs a handy device and an internet connection to manage online classes!


Learning and e-learning, both are ideal in delivering the knowledge, you cannot say that it is about gaps of learning. The learning is two-way in both methods, you can ask questions and discuss your issues. In the online method, it is good to record it to have a revision in late hours. It is a modest way to implement tech support. Dissertation proposal writing service found e-learning more helpful as it saves time and can keep the record too (Psychology and Education Journal, 2020).

E-learning is a shift towards smart and digital learning!


Online classes demand no cost at all! It is simple with a handy device and a good internet connection. The teacher also manages from home and deliver the lecture as per convenience in the defined limit of time. On the other hand, traditional classrooms demand seating arrangement, organisational setup, electricity availability and a proper room to conduct the class. So these may cost high!

E-learning promise, low cost, no cost!


The traditional classes indeed have high coordination and connection, it may help the learner to have potential face contact with the teacher. In this way, the whole body is involved in the lecture and learning process. While on the other hand, in an online plan, the learner might be laying in bed and lazily listening to the lecture to complete the class in time. So the eyecontact might be lacking (Journal of Physics, 2020)

Eye contact is more intimate than the words, at times!

Window to Future

Online learning is the self-leaning and aligning plan, which is the way to future trends!

The fewer hurdles, the huge digital support, time-saving and other trends are ensuring the appreciation for the online platforms, the support of the online is adding to boost the future growth of education. Pandemic is an example in this regard where traditional classes failed but the online classes did it very well. This is justifying the potential role of smart digital tools to realise the value of technology in the twenty-first century